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StarBluffing at the Poker Table

There are a wide variety of ways to bluff and online it's even easier, as if you're playing online your poker face is literally not required, as you've got a static avatar doing that for you. However, your behaviour can also give you away pretty quickly, so to ensure that your bluff is absolutely water-tight, it's worth reading through the tips we've got to offer.

Be brave

Bluffing is all about challenging someone's perception of your cards in comparison to theirs. Of course, if they've got a pair of Aces and there's two more in the line of community cards in front of them, they'll probably be feeling pretty confident and will call you on any of your bets.

But if you keep raising and eventually go all-in, they can only come to one conclusion - that you've got something that tops their hand, and given this example, that's entirely possible. Checking, even once, will indicate to them that you're not so confident and they'll close in on that extremely quickly, which is the opposite of what you're after.

Consider the order

If you're playing first, it's possible to bluff, but one of the best strategies comes from being last in a line of people who have all checked, as even a small bet will cause the majority of them to fold - if you're so confident in your hand (in their eyes, at least, yours could be terrible!) that you're betting even when you don't need to, it tends to drive a wedge in between the committed and the cautious at the table.

Know the odds

If you've never bothered to learn how to calculate poker odds and you're playing with real money, chances are you aren't too fussed about winning! Bluffing largely involves knowing what other players are likely to have in comparison to your own hand, and calculating correctly can make the difference between a bad bluff that sees you go bust, and walking away as the winner.

If you're reading this, you've got a connection to the web, so jump onto Google and look around for the mathematics behind poker odds, and probability in gambling as a general theory. Some of the best poker pros on the planet are so confident because they can calculate the odds of winning a hand at the drop of the first three community cards. Don't get caught out.

Last of all, be as brave as possible. Bluffing is all about playing it coy and cool, and allowing everyone else around you to panic silently. Learn how to manage your bluffing techniques, and in no time at all you'll have them on the ropes with some of the worst cards you've ever been dealt as they flop pairs and face cards to your impenetrable bluffing skills. Play it cool and win big.