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StarPoker Room Personalities

Every time you find yourself at a table, it's easy to spot people who tend to play in the same patterns or whose table behaviour seems a tad familiar. Why? Because they're a poker personality, and if you can figure out just what kind of personality they are when they've got a pair of cards in their hands, it might just give you that vital edge when the chips are down.

There are quite a few personalities, and of course no one's the same as anyone else, but there are a few classic types of players, some of whom you'll even see referenced in popular culture. Of course, one of the most common you'll encounter that you'll need to be on your guard for is the most famous of them all: the poker shark.


Poker sharks are seriously skilled players, able to use both headgames and serious maths skills to predict exactly how the game will go. They often prey on tables full of new players for easy money, and it seems easier just to give up and walk away. But don't! Poker isn't just about skill, and if you're getting Ace after Ace, then why walk away? Everyone's luck can run out sooner or later, even theirs!

Fish and calling stations

The fish is one that will often be thrown your way when you're new to the game, as it tends to describe a new player that play loosely and passively, often "flopping" a lot, just as if they were caught on a line and dumped on the dock! Similar to this is the calling station - someone who calls every bet no matter the odds. It's important that if people seem to be playing with you on the basis that you're a fish or a calling station, that you take that advantage and surprise them when they least expect it.


If you find that you're holding your cards close to your chest and never risking anything less than a pair of face cards, you're a rock. These players never bet very often, and this is usually because they've suffered a big loss at the table. Hopefully, if you're at a table full of them, a small win may allow them to open back up - playing against no one isn't very enjoyable!


The most frustrating player, who you'll find is often the source of the most drama at the poker table, is the monster. Monsters bet big, and they bet big all the time, going all in on terrible hands either because they're using play money or because they know that huge bets are likely to intimidate other players. Call them on their all-in bets if you've got a safe amount of chips in your possession, and you'll soon realise they're not actually that lucky with cards!

Learn your poker personalities and it's easy to start pulling down the big pots, winning time and time again because you know the behaviour of those who are playing alongside you. Good luck, and go be your own poker personality!